How much does it cost to EVACUATE in case of a hurricane?


That’s the cost for fast food (my arteries STILL hurt) and comfort food. Park admission. 6 nights at an airbnb in Georgia. Too much coffee. Not enough gas. And of course, a Walmart run for underwear for the oldest because there’s only so much I can stand him “going commando” 😉

That’s NOT the cost of the stress and sleeplessness leading up to the evacuation, the anxiety over those left behind, the time it took to connect people back home to others to help each other out and spreading information (after fact checking) about mandatory evacuations, etc. Nor the time (and money)  it took to clean up the damage from the hurricane. The week it took to put the house back together (after we took what we could and hubby moved as much as he could upstairs incase of flooding from storm surge.)

So in terms of “time” cost: 3 weeks total. But the evacuation wouldn’t have been possible if I led a “normal” full time physician life. There’s something to be said for frugality…it gives you savings/wiggleroom, options and most importantly, TIME. And time is the most valuable commodity we all have.