Becoming the Change I Want to See: #OwnVoices Movement

I was bombing as a medical educator, and I knew it.


Five days a week I was teaching Fellows how to navigate the inpatient hospice world, but I was still failing these about-to-graduate physicians. Some had up to $650,000 in student loan debt, but I was sending them on their way to attending-hood without the real education they needed to survive long term.

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Student Loans: a 14-year argument resolved

During our marriage, my husband and I have owed up to $750,000. So it’s no surprise my husband (aka “DH” for Dear Hubby), and I have argued intermittently for fourteen years about our student loans.

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How a Physician Cut Her Food Bill by 63%

Lowering my food costs started with broken bones and wasted chicken.

A few years ago I wanted to do research for a fantasy series I’m writing, so I organized a girl’s trip to explore an island with a cave.

Two things happened that weekend:

1) I went trail running, fell, and broke my ribs.

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