Bogleheads’ Weekly Top 5 Posts (from DH)

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Best of Bogleheads!  This was started last week to help save you time and keep you informed / entertained

  1. A portfolio review request from 2nd Year Resident newdocMD with 400k student debt.
  2. A great question by new specialist physician Cramerica: “Can I buy a Tesla?” Lots of good discussion.
  3. Vanguard’s big announcement  that their brokerage will now offer free transactions for other firm’s ETF’s—this is scheduled to begin in August.  And here is Michael Kitces’ fascinating interpretation on how this may change the industry.
  4. thread started by Ron Scott (later added to by nisiprius) to point out an article from Allan Roth.
  5. Recent  threads about Taylor Larimore’s new book about the Three-Fund Portfolio.  This portfolio is a mix which is a very reasonable choice for both beginning and advanced investors.  Morningstar posted an article about it, found by Mr. BB.This prompted the resurfacing of an old thread started by Mel Lindaur.

    (As some may recall, Taylor Larimore was featured in this blog post about why flowers may be one of your best investments)

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hopefully this helped!  Hope you all had a Happy 4th, and special congrats to new Interns and new Attendings!

2 thoughts on “Bogleheads’ Weekly Top 5 Posts (from DH)”

  1. Thanks for doing a recap such as this. I rarely go on forums because it is just too much noise for me. This helps me focus more.

  2. You’re welcome, Dr. MB. Different people have different preferred ways of gathering info. Glad this helps and I suspect it’ll help others as well. 🙂

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