Bogleheads’ Weekly Top 5 Posts

Welcome back for another week of the Best of Bogleheads!

Before we get to the threads, I’d like to acknowledge tragic news we’ve heard from back home.  The daughter of our next door neighbor unexpectedly died the other day.  She was an adorable child and will be missed dearly. 

Please send good wishes / prayers for strength for her family during this difficult time.  And give your loved ones a hug today.

1) First up is a hard to find video link found by Rowan Oak of an educational video produced by author Rick Ferri. Later in the week, Mel Lindaur announced the upcoming production of a “Bogleheads” podcast, hosted by Rick Ferri as well.  Mel announced this with a contest to the Bogleheads to create the most clever name.  As far as I know, it is still ongoing, so feel free to make a suggestion.  

2) A linked video 15 posted by Taylor Larimore covering “15 Things you didn’t know about Vanguard” which is the best investment company in the world.

3) A well-constructed post from SimpleGift about Bonds that was a bit surprising to read.  Lots of informative graphs.

4) A post for those with Fidelity accounts, on the best cash position.  I’m glad logat2 started it.

5) A brief but useful thread for small business owners regarding taxes in 2018.  It includes links to the White Coat Investor, Michael Kitces, and Mr. Money Mustache.  ChinchillaWhiplash started this one. 

All the best for the upcoming week!



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