Weekly Bogleheads’ Top 5 from DH

Greetings to all and welcome to the next installment of the Best of Bogleheads!

1) Timmy started a thread thread discussing the arrival of a new book coming soon based on The Millionaire Next Door, a classic book that I recall reading as a new attending that was very helpful.  Unfortunately, the author Thomas Stanley was tragically killed in a car crash.  The new book apparently is written by his daughter, Sarah Stanley Fallaw

Anyway, this thread goes into discussion regarding physicians, attorneys, and teachers.

2) Arsenalfan is a physician who is contemplating employment with the VA and the complicated benefit system.  His thread with answers and provided links is useful.

3) Danielc has authored an enjoyable thread here comparing short and intermediate treasury investments.  He prefers short term, others intermediate term and the discussion ensues.

4) Rick Ferri begins a thread here about how brokers and high frequency trading firms are able to profit from consumers who trade ETFs.  One idea to combat this is market orders on the close (MOC).  I hadn’t seen this trade recommended before.

5) Random Walker has started a thread here here that links an article from Larry Swedroe about expense ratios that quickly transforms into a lively debate over factor investing.  Great to read with popcorn!

Bonus Pick: Blackwhisker initiates a thread on purchasing spices.  I find the ideas very informative.


Hope you found these picks helpful. Have a great week!

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