Weekly Bogleheads’ Top 5 from DH

Today’s installment of the Best of Bogleheads is a good one.

1) First up is a useful thread on student loans, with several helpful links.  It was originally started by Truepat76 way back in 2017. but re-posted by Skeptastic this past week especially to point out a useful link on PSLF.  Many docs chime in.

2) Beautiful graphs from SimpleGift regarding inflation over two centuries, where we are today, and what the implications are for investors.

3) InvestoGuy who reveals his dilemma regarding Tesla and insurance cost.

4) A thread begun by Bertilak regarding cell phone cold calls and how to prevent them.

5) Milo953 asks what the Boggleheads think about the Peloton spin bike—is it worth the cost?  I thoroughly enjoy cycling and as several docs and nurses have purchased and like them, I found the thread very interesting.

Bonus: (started by JustSomeGuy155) discusses a journal article discussing placement of bonds or stocks in taxable?

Anyway, hope you found this helpful (or at least enjoyed it) and have a remarkable week!


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