Could the head of your organization be a sociopath? (DH Blog Post)

Stop and think about the organization you work for. Do the marching orders from above make workers on the front lines take responsibility for bad outcomes—while the profits are reaped by upper management—all while the higher ups have little, if anything, at risk?

Are middle managers where you work borderline incompetent?

Have you felt an odd connection with The Office television program?

IF ANY of the above is true, please consider taking a look at this masterpiece of a write up on organizations here. (WARNING: the piece is long but worth it.)

A takeaway for those who find the article hits some truths for them:

1) Base your life satisfaction and worth on things outside of medicine.  Family, friends, hobbies, spiritual beliefs, and experiences all may be better and more worthwhile measures of who you are.

2) Think about how your organization is aligned with your beliefs.  It may or may not be a good fit.  Organizations change, as do people—what once “worked” may no longer as medicine has shifted.

3) Write down YOUR OWN goals for your practice.  Others want you to incorporate their interests as yours. Sometimes this makes sense, sometimes it does not.  Don’t be a trained monkey, nor a zombie (nobody likes zombies).

4) Data is FREQUENTLY inaccurate and occasionally purposely misleading. Even if presented in color, it could still be wrong.

5) Although the above may encourage you to be confrontational while working, the opposite is true.  Find ways to keep your mind calm and stay out of fights not worth fighting. Of course, there are fights that are worth it—use wisdom to know the difference. And above all, don’t be a jerk because it contributes to a toxic work environment.

Anyway, hope this is helpful and please let me know what you think! Have a great week.

2 thoughts on “Could the head of your organization be a sociopath? (DH Blog Post)”

  1. Phenomenal post and truly great article via the link. Never had the words to articulate why The Office resonated as it did. Now I have an entire framework. Perhaps for docs FI is the revenge of the clueless tier that Soares us from pursuing the sociopath tier?

    1. Thanks—when DH wrote it, I loved it so much I moved it up in the production schedule. And yes, I think that about docs going FI… 😉

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