Bogleheads’ Weekly Top 5 (from DH)

Welcome back to this week’s Bogleheads’ Top 5!

1) This thread is a patient (dougger5) whose PCP is requiring $120 upfront fee prior to being seen.  Various opinions on this—what do you think?

2) This is a unique look at ongoing car expense correlated to car price with some beautiful graphs and explanation.  Very well done, vineviz!

3) A lively discussion from SCSurf on used car purchase negotiation.

4)  These two threads discuss Health Savings Account options.  In the right situation, these can be excellent savings accounts. The first is more general, followed by a thread about accounts that are dormant (no ongoing contributions).

5) This thread is about the well regarded stable value fund TIAA Traditional.  It can be a bit confusing, but this thread helps explain the  process.

BONUS pick: This thread covers the more practical aspects of Larry Swedroe’s bond strategy. Larry’s book is excellent and he comments on some updated advice.

Have a most excellent week!

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