Weekly Bogleheads’ Top 5 Posts (from DH)

Greetings this week to Best of Bogleheads 5!

1) This thread discussed “excessive emergency room charges – options”—very interesting to read. The White Coat Investor chimed in with some good comments.

2) Vanguard’s no commission for most non-Vanguard ETF’s is now live, but the original link “no longer exists” as it was merged into this thread (about 1/3 of the way down).

3) Chase now offers free trades, depending on account balances.

4) This link to a Larry Swedroe article is quite good regarding TIPS versus nominal bonds.

5) This thread shows something I know next to nothing about—purchase of bras. Good advice?

BONUS: This thread gives opinions/ideas about how best a married couple handle their finances.

Have a wonderful week!

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