You are Not Alone: the Importance of Finding your Monetary Tribe (#FinCon2018 Recap)

Last week, I had a fantastic 8 days. So I wanted to share what I learned after A) going on a cruise to Cuba with Physician on Fire, etc and B) attending FinCon 2018 (a gathering for financial bloggers and podcasters—where I mostly hung out with the 20+ Physician bloggers there):

1) “We’re not alone!” This is the single most common refrain—with relief evident in their voices—people repeatedly said as they remarked how refreshing it was to meet others like them.

2) How unusual it is to have families who not only understand our desire for FIRE but support us. Many people I met are keeping their FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) plans a secret—some haven’t even told their parents!

One woman told me how her sibling (who is in tremendous debt due to their high standard of living) thinks her and her husband are poor because they don’t “own” a house (keep it a secret: this anonymous FIRE woman and her husband are FIRE’ing next year! Woot woot!).

3) Being frugal is okay! I saw other physician’s choosing their long-term FIRE goals over immediate gratification. Like: ordering water with dinner, but passing a Bota box of wine around in rooms afterward.

No $15 glass of wine with dinner, thank you very much.

4) Talking to People who are living out of the box lives helps you consider alternative life paths you could take at different life stages. DH sat next to Nomads With a Vision one night on the cruise.

Afterward he told me—in a blown away, can’t believe they’re doing this amazing, crazy adventure next year voice—“He’s quitting his job, selling their house, then they’re going to live in an RV and travel the world.”

5) Although Side Hustle Scrubs wasn’t there, we all still talked about him. Because he’s a hysterical writer, as proven by this and this post.

6) Talking to other doc financial bloggers was awesome. We’re a small but growing niche, as proven by Crispy Doc and White Coat Investor’s growing list, and XRAYVSN’s useful The Hospital.

We all bring unique Voices/perspectives to this doctor-blogging community.

The only problem was, we all chatted so much over the four days of FinCon that of us lost our voice to some degree!

7) Despite what I’ve said about WIIFM, it’s really not all about you. You’ll go further in life if you’re genuinely interested in other people. Don’t believe me? Read this networking book.

We’ve all outgrown our Gross Anatomy days: we realize it’s time to collaborate, not compete.

8) Meditation is a must (it’s the only way I survived!). This conference really doesn’t sleep!

I’m too old to party like an EMT in undergrad. When you usually get up at 4 or 5 a.m. , the staying up late that goes on at FinCon can be downright painful.

9) The food pass was not worth the money. But maybe the pass was worth it for the networking that happened at the meals? (Warning: the food at the conference hotel was ridiculously expensive. I spent over $3 on a pack of M & M’s!)

10) POF is a wise man: he married well. I could listen to the well-read Wife On Fire talk for hours!


Bonus Point: After these experiences, I was left with one question:

Why are we doing this to ourselves?

And by “this” I mean: Why do we try to keep up with the Joneses/follow the American mindset of “consume, consume, consume!”??

I saw a t-shirt at FinCon that said “Fall Behind the Joneses”, and I was like “YES! Falling behind the Joneses would lead to less burnout and a more sustainable lifestyle!

So, this year I’m going to focus more on falling behind the Joneses.

What are your plans for these next twelve months to make you a happier, healthier, and wealthier person?

Whatever it is, you got this!




14 thoughts on “You are Not Alone: the Importance of Finding your Monetary Tribe (#FinCon2018 Recap)”

  1. Really sounds like it was an amazing time especially connecting with all the doc bloggers out there. I wish I had attended this year but I have already bought passes for next year’s conference. Hopefully the gang will be all back so I can meet everyone on

  2. Sorry last comment accidently got cut off…

    … So I can meet everyone in person.

    Thank you for the mention of the physician blog curator, The Hospital. I definitely find it useful to keep current with the latest posts

    1. I am LOVING The Hospital—it’s easier than the feedly app I use. Great job making it! (now you need to make a The Hospital app 😉 ) Looking forward to matching a face and a name to your great blog! Keep up the strong work and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Well said, B.C.
    I enjoyed spending some time with you.
    It was a great group of people. I hope we can all get together in the future. In the meantime, let me know if there is ever anything can do for you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by WDMD. You helped me tremendously by telling me a story that I relayed to DH as a cautionary tale when I got home! Thanks and can’t wait to hang out with you again in D.C. next year.

  4. Happy to have had the opportunity to be your roommate and get to know you, Brenda! 🙂 The meditation app saved me too. Thank you!

    1. Glad that app saved you—it’s helped me loads getting stuff done! So awesome to have gotten to meet you. Can’t wait to see you again next year in D.C.! Thanks for stoping by.

    1. Actually, I was surprised how much of it was vegan friendly. I’m thankful plant based diets are starting to go mainstream in America! (It’s MUCH easier to be plant based in the UK)

  5. Very kind of you to say. I did marry well, didn’t I? You did pretty well yourself — the other Dr. Krygowski is a great guy.

    It was fun to finally meet in person, and I look forward to more family adventures in our futures.


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