Why We Moved Our Family to Medellín, Colombia for the Summer

“An overloaded lifestyle, squeezing it all in, overwhelms our time and pushes out the meaningful that we naturally crave.” Valorie Burton’s It’s About Time

Yes, we relocated our family to Pablo Escobar’s former playground for two and a half months. Once we started telling people people, we were inundated with questions, quizzical and shocked looks. When I made it public on Facebook, my phone exploded. So I gathered most of the questions (not all are related to Colombia) into one place: this blog post. Continue reading “Why We Moved Our Family to Medellín, Colombia for the Summer”

FIRE: Our Midlife Crisis

“One of the great realizations of life can come from discovering that the outputs you are being compensated for are not exciting or fulfilling. When that realization comes, it’s time to honor that truth and make a change.” pg. 189. Brendon Burchard’s “High Performance Habits

Overwhelmed is the main feeling I’ve had since the end of February when we finally got up the gumption to make some difficult decisions we’d been putting off for over half a year. In hindsight, perhaps these weren’t the wisest moves to do all at once—because a massive amount of change all close together can really stress a human out. But hey, you can’t have an adventure without feeling a bit stretched. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to lately: Continue reading “FIRE: Our Midlife Crisis”