B.C. Krygowski is a part-time Physician who made many financial mistakes—yet somehow still ended up okay. Her mission with this blog is to inspire readers to take control of their finances so they too will have financial freedom. She shares what she’s learned on her journey in the hopes that readers will be encouraged—and equipped—to live their one, precious life to the fullest.

Often B.C. shares about frugality as she knows a thing or two about it after having grown up in a trailer set in a hay field in upstate New York. After high school, she became a Rotary Exchange Student to Germany and is still an intrepid traveler who advocates for home exchange.

B.C. obtained her M.D. from the State University at Buffalo and married a gross anatomy partner, DH (a.k.a. Dear Hubby). As a Physician couple, B.C. and DH play to their strengths. He’s the financial guru while B.C. is the frugalista writer. You can read more about them here and how they afforded to go part-time here. B.C. even wrote a book book for her readers on Spending Habits that will enable them to have financial freedom.

Nowadays, when she’s not writing fiction or blogging about FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), B.C. is a part-time Hospice and Palliative Medicine Physician, a mother of two young boys, and a runner-who-is-really-a-jiggly-jogger.

B.C. respects, values, and appreciates her readers. She hopes that if you find her content useful, you’ll sign up to be a subscriber to the blog. She can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @BCKrygowski.



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