B.C. Krygowski is an award winning author, a Palliative Care Physician, and a runner-who-is-really-a-jiggly-jogger. She obtained her M.D. from the State University of Buffalo and married one of her gross anatomy partners: DH (Dear Hubby). DH prefers to maintain a low profile on this blog, doing occasional guest posts.


As a couple, B.C. and DH play to their strengths. He’s the financial guru of the family while B.C. is the frugalista writer. Since B.C. kept a private blog for family and friends during residency, she’s happy to be blogging again. You can read more about us here and how we afforded to go part-time here.


While B.C. has published scientifically, she prefers the fiction world. She’s somehow miraculously landed a coveted spot in AWP’s Writer to Writer mentorship program (Spring 2018 class) and has written multiple manuscripts. While most of them languish on her hard drive or in boxes in her garage, the recent ones show promise.


In her rare spare time, B.C. uses her overactive imagination to write a Young Adult Fantasy series. And when she’s not out running on a trail, she’s dashing after her two young sons—who keep her from getting a full night’s sleep.


The number of visitors to her blog has surprised B.C. Because most comments on these blogs happen in private FB groups, B.C. understands if you’re uncomfortable leaving a comment here. You can always drop her an email found in the Contact section.

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