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Bogleheads’ Weekly Top 5 (from DH)

Welcome back to this week’s Bogleheads’ Top 5! 1) This thread is a patient (dougger5) whose PCP is requiring $120 upfront fee prior to being seen.  Various opinions on this—what do you think?


Weekly Bogleheads’ Top 5 from DH

Today’s installment of the Best of Bogleheads is a good one. 1) First up is a useful thread on student loans, with several helpful links.  It was originally started by Truepat76 way back in 2017. but...


Bogleheads’ Weekly Top 5 Posts

Welcome back for another week of the Best of Bogleheads! Before we get to the threads, I’d like to acknowledge tragic news we’ve heard from back home.  The daughter of our next door neighbor...