Defining Wealth for Women by Bonnie Koo, MD: A Book Review

Bonnie Koo, MD of Wealthy Mom MD has written a finance book for females. Before I tell you about my book review, let me tell you about Dr. Koo. She’s a board-certified dermatologist best known for being passionate about teaching personal finance strategies designed specifically for women physicians since 2016. Dr. Koo has gone on to become a certified life coach with The Life Coach School.

I’ve been so excited for years for this book to come out because I knew she had a great money book for women—and the specific challenges women face with money—in her. So I eagerly loaded Dr. Koo’s book up the first chance I got and listened to it while driving from Tampa to Gainesville.

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How I Lost my Covid-15 pounds

People much wiser than myself recommend picking a word for each year. After the dumpster fire of 2020, I decided the word I needed for 2021 was HEALTH. I even wrote it across the top of our wall sized, yearly planner in big, block letters.

At the start of COVID, I stress-lost weight, then immediately gained back more than double. Going into 2021, I was determined to fit back into my clothes again (it’s frightening how living in one pair of yoga pants (or scrubs) lends itself to not realizing you can’t fit into the rest of your wardrobe!).

Here’s the list of things that helped me finally lose weight by the end of 2021. I hope you can find some helpful tips in case, like me, you’d prefer to start using the rest of your wardrobe again:

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The Benefits of Investing in a Solo Parent-Child Trip

You thought the ending to the title was going to be “…Solo 401k” didn’t you? That’s where DH (Dear Husband) thought this was going when I told him about this blog post. I pointed out that a Solo Parent-Child trip is actually more valuable than a 401k. For the myriad reasons why read on in time for a “Mother’s Day” type blog post. Continue reading “The Benefits of Investing in a Solo Parent-Child Trip”

How to Get a Good Price on a Vehicle (Without a Male Accompanying You)

The fact I even have to add that second part onto the title tells you how far our misogynistic society has yet to change. You see, I recently went out and purchased a truck by myself for our family. Posting about this on social media caused quite the flurry. “You went alone? What was that like? How did you do it? Why didn’t your husband go with you—are you guys not getting along?”

This last question is probably still lingering in people’s heads as I’ve been writing this post while traveling in the U.K. with my son (when childcare falls through, you make lemonade. Or change a trip to your sister’s wedding into a mother-son one like I did). So to reiterate what I posted on social media: DH and I are just fine. Actually, we’re better than ever, but that’s a subject of a future post about how awesome FIRE can be for a marriage.

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Why “Forever Home” Should be Removed from our Vocabulary

I know the White Coat Investor advocates for the One House rule. However, there are times when it may be to your financial—or otherwise—benefit to move.  Continue reading “Why “Forever Home” Should be Removed from our Vocabulary”

A Physician Comes Clean

Or maybe this blog title should be: How I have time to type so much nonsense into the computer and an update on our search for financial freedom (hint: we completed our quest!).
First, with all I juggle, I don’t feel like I have oodles of spare time—I think I am barely hanging on. But my Dragon Lady (my secret weapon about whom I’ll write in the future) instructed me to tell you all more about myself. And maybe some of my weird quirks can help you achieve your financial goals. So here is my confession:

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Frugal ways to Lose Weight—Part II*

This is part II of a two part series on frugal ways to lose weight. To pick up where we left off last week:

6) Fasting has health benefits besides just cutting weight. I think this is why so many religions in the world incorporate it into their religious practices—look at the month of Ramadan going on right now all over the world.

Ideally you should be doing a twelve-hour fast every night but that’s a whole other topic (about offloading the glycogen stores from your liver).

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Frugal ways to Lose Weight—Part I*

I thought I’d address one of the most frequently asked questions I get from friends and family. And I do mean incredibly frequent—even when I travel overseas, I get asked how to lose weight.

Weight is a tricky subject and I’m bound to stick my foot in my mouth with something I say here. But I would be failing as a writer if I shied away from discoursing on difficult subjects—and part two of this blog covers some uncomfortable points.

So I’m going to plow ahead anyway.

Because my biological father was obese and died of a heart attack at age sixty-two, I tend to be acutely aware of what being overweight does to one’s longevity. My genetics also makes me— as a physician—a bit more bold about speaking out on weight issues in America and how to help people stay healthier so they can avoid Physicians like me (seriously—no one ever wants to see a Palliative Care doctor. We’re one step before Hospice!)

Most women want to lose just ten percent of their weight.  When they do, they’re allegedly more likely to want to have sex because they feel better about their body image (sex is more complicated than just losing weight though—see part 2 next week).

You can lose—and maintain a healthy weight—without spending gobs of money on fancy diet systems. I gained exactly sixty-three pounds with each of my pregnancies. Here’s what I learned during my postpartum weight loss journeys (besides those last five pounds stick like glue):  Continue reading “Frugal ways to Lose Weight—Part I*”