What Financial Freedom can do for you

“We’re in this stage of life where we’re supposed to have flexible time because we’re raising children, yet none of us have this time we need because we’re all working. It doesn’t make sense.”


One of my friends from Germany recently wrote this to me in an email and I agree wholeheartedly with him. So many of us are doing life backwards : having kids and working full time, but after the kids move out, then we retire or change to working part-time.


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Why Two Physicians agree to a massive pay cut

I remember getting married. I don’t remember the separation. It happened gradually.


Being in a two-physician marriage has its awesome sides and downer sides. When one physician earns substantially more than the other—and you’re striving for financial freedom—it’s painfully obvious who works full time and who is a part-timer. Someone needs to run the household, so our family doesn’t implode (I respect women working full time who manage to be more patient than I am with the various childcare/personal assistant options out there).

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