Spending Habits for Professionals Who Want to FIRE: How to save money while working full time so you can gain financial freedom. B.C. Krygowski wrote this book to put into one place the answers to all the questions she gets about how her and her husband were able to FIRE (Financial Independence Recreational Employment/Retire Early).

Montana Money Adventures  Mini-Retirement course changed our lives. It’s not a “cut expenses, save $” kind of course. It’s more of a life coaching course that walks you through how to take a year off work, etc.

Your Money or Your Life   gave us the courage to sell our Dr. McMansion and move across the country to chase a more customized lifestyle.

Home Exchange allows us to travel further than we normally would—all while saving us money and time.

The Not So Big House   helped us see what was important (and what wasn’t) so we’re content in a house half the size. (Yay for lower costs!)

Stop Physician Burnout by Dike Drummond, MD is a great read that has helped us out a lot. You might also want to consider Dr. Cory Fawcett’s The Doctor’s Guide to Smart Career Alternatives and Retirement.

The Doctor’s Guide to Eliminating Debt is a super quick read and was the catalyst for my student loan debt being paid off.

Living Rich by Spending Smart helped me cut back on our expenses. It’s a quick read.

The Superior Wife Syndrome: Why Women Do Everything So Well and Why—for the Sake of Our Marriages—We’ve Got to Stop. My marriage is actually better for having read it! (But my husband became a vegan as a result)

The Millionaire Next Door is an eye-opening read for everyone who thinks “rich people live in mansions and drive fancy cars.”

The White Coat Investor is considered a “must read” amongst Physicians.