The financial website that will save you millions of dollars

If you want to get your finances in order and don’t know where to start, then you need to be visiting the Bogleheads on at least a weekly basis. We often type “Bogleheads” and whatever questions we have into google and click on the links that come up. Just starting out and want to know the difference between FSA’s and HSA’s? Go to the Bogleheads. Want to save money on cooking? Yes, there’s even a few Bogleheads discussion threads on Instant Pots.

With that being said, DH has returned to give you all a top five picks of the Bogleheads for the month. In our next post, B.C. will return with a 5 part (!) series where we share our scar tissue from our amazing trip to Machu Picchu. Continue reading “The financial website that will save you millions of dollars”

Why You’ll Be Happier if You Only Look at Your Portfolio Every Six Months

Today’s post is brought to you by DH, aka “Dear Husband,” though I’ve taken to calling him my “BHE” (Best Husband Ever). The timing of checking one’s net worth was a subject we were discussing while on Sabbatical in Colombia, and he decided to put it the why’s and how’s into written form, hoping you all would benefit from his research: Continue reading “Why You’ll Be Happier if You Only Look at Your Portfolio Every Six Months”

Bogleheads’ Weekly Top 5 Posts

Welcome back for another week of the Best of Bogleheads!

Before we get to the threads, I’d like to acknowledge tragic news we’ve heard from back home.  The daughter of our next door neighbor unexpectedly died the other day.  She was an adorable child and will be missed dearly. 

Please send good wishes / prayers for strength for her family during this difficult time.  And give your loved ones a hug today.

1) First up is a hard to find video link found by Rowan Oak of an educational video produced by author Rick Ferri.  Continue reading “Bogleheads’ Weekly Top 5 Posts”