Financial Boot Camp, by WCI: A Book Review

I want my readers to think of themselves as being fully capable of learning about finances so they can take control of their money and hence live their fullest lives. By living your fullest life you can meaningfully contribute to society and change the world. So I say: start today, take that first step, commit to reading your first (or your fortieth) book on finance this week, promise yourself you’ll have it done by next week. Put it on your to-do list and go change the world. And if you’re looking for where to start, take a look at The White Coat Investor’s (WCI) Financial Boot Camp.

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How to Get a Good Price on a Vehicle (Without a Male Accompanying You)

The fact I even have to add that second part onto the title tells you how far our misogynistic society has yet to change. You see, I recently went out and purchased a truck by myself for our family. Posting about this on social media caused quite the flurry. “You went alone? What was that like? How did you do it? Why didn’t your husband go with you—are you guys not getting along?”

This last question is probably still lingering in people’s heads as I’ve been writing this post while traveling in the U.K. with my son (when childcare falls through, you make lemonade. Or change a trip to your sister’s wedding into a mother-son one like I did). So to reiterate what I posted on social media: DH and I are just fine. Actually, we’re better than ever, but that’s a subject of a future post about how awesome FIRE can be for a marriage.

To get back to the matter at hand, it’s possible for a female to not only buy a vehicle by herself but to get an excellent price on it as well.  Continue reading “How to Get a Good Price on a Vehicle (Without a Male Accompanying You)”