Weekly Top 5 Bogleheads’ Posts (from DH)

Greetings and welcome again to the Best of the Bogleheads!

B.C. apologizes for the late posting, but wifi was erratic at our campsite this past weekend. And since our kids are still in this precious snapshot of time where they love camping and scampering around catching geckos, we figured you’d be understanding about the delay. Now we’re back home, gearing up for school to start next week, and no longer carrying geckos around gently in leaves. 😉

So without further ado, the weekly top five picks: 

1) Fidelity has made news this week announcing two new funds with ZERO expense ratio, as jhfenton begins in the following thread. Called Fidelity ZERO funds, this is a great marketing name. They have also expanded their free to trade i-shares ETF lineup to 240 selections. Finally, it appears they have removed their IRA account closing fee ($50 apparently).

2) Back to Vanguard, the commission free ETF from anyone should be available sometime this month, but hasn’t happened yet.

There have been 2 fringe fund changes:

Vanguard’s Precious Metals and Mining fund has significantly changed their investment objective and strategy (disappointing). Vanguard’s Alternative Strategies Funds is open if you have 250 thousand to invest.

3) Thanks to all who assisted MortgageOnBlack in making a difficult engagement ring purchase! Take a look to see how many gentlemen struggle with this.

4) Nisiprius has put together a series threads called matter/scatter and the point of them is this: investment choices are sometimes hotly debated but when looking at data, it may be surprising which of these debates actually matter. Debates include bond type selection, international vs domestic stock, expense ratio, stock/bond ratio.

5) Snarlyjack has begun a thread with helpful videos of the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett.

Bonus Pick:

EvelyTroy links an article from Alan Roth about bond interest rate risk.

Take care and have a fantastic week!

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