Bogleheads’ Top Five Posts for the week from DH (Dear Husband)

Bogleheads  is an outstanding financial forum I’ve followed for years. It’s members include many bright and caring people to whom I’m in debt to for their wisdom.  But sometimes I don’t have time to surf the net and thought maybe the same might be true for some of you.  So I decided to comb through and select articles I find interesting in the hopes you might benefit as well. 

  1. First up is a thread started by relative newcomer to Bogleheads alex123711  and its entitled What is/was your career and would you recommend it now?  There are a wide variety of interesting occupations, including many physician posts, with the first starting on page 2.  This is also a good introduction to many of the posters on the site as you may learn from where they are coming
  2. This practical thread started by pierremonfrere is titled Cheapest way to buy a phone in 2018? had my eyeballs as my phone (an iPhone 3 from 2011) is on its last legs.  🙁  Phone expenses add up considerably.
  3. Should you carry malpractice from a second company?  scorcher31 brings up the question as a hospital physician.  There are many thoughts and useful links.
  4. Is it a surprise that the stress scales of Americans have risen over the past 2 years?  Grok87 (very bright, finance background – searching his identify will reveal tips) started the thread Keep Calm and Boglehead On! and it includes an article from this summer with further thoughts and how to cope.
  5. Finally, we’ll end with a thread that includes two article from Dr. Kahneman, a brilliant man in field of behavioral finance.  WiscoTrout  starts the thread about the concept of “loss aversion” and portfolio design, and Ron Scott adds a second, which discusses skill in stock selection.  Although I’m very glad the first article was posted, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed in the paucity of details. But I guess that’s what the high net worth wealthy clients pay for, right?  The second article commented on his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” ”—which is an excellent read.


Please let me know if this top five is interesting and/or helpful.

3 thoughts on “Bogleheads’ Top Five Posts for the week from DH (Dear Husband)”

  1. I credit discovering White Coat Investor and Bogleheads to help me turnaround in my financial path after a very traumatic and expensive divorce. I was at my financial and emotional low point in life and through their kindness and advice I clawed my way back up and have made an amazing turnaround.

    1. Way to go, xrayvsn! Sorry you had to go through that painful time – sometimes there are lessons to be learned from hard times but other times a situation WCI as well has indeed helped many, many people out there. Back in the day he went by “Emergedoc” and was vocal on the Morningstar diehards board (prior to Bogleheads). BTW, I like your avatar and username. 🙂

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