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If you want to get your finances in order and don’t know where to start, then you need to be visiting the Bogleheads on at least a weekly basis. We often type “Bogleheads” and whatever questions we have into google and click on the links that come up. Just starting out and want to know the difference between FSA’s and HSA’s? Go to the Bogleheads. Want to save money on cooking? Yes, there’s even a few Bogleheads discussion threads on Instant Pots.

With that being said, DH has returned to give you all a top five picks of the Bogleheads for the month. In our next post, B.C. will return with a 5 part (!) series where we share our scar tissue from our amazing trip to Machu Picchu.

Greetings to the Best of Bogleheads! A bunch has happened recently for those who use ETF’s or individual stocks. Several firms have gone to commission-free models!

1) Indexfundfan resurrects an old thread here on page 3, from Sept 26th, to let us know Interactive Brokers has announced commission free stock and ETF trades! A few day later, MFInvestor points out that Schwab has also dropped commissions on all ETF’s, stocks, and options. While GoPackGo notifies us that TDAmeritrade has followed suit. And E-trade as well as well, as pointed out by genjix.

And to wrap it up, Cash lets us know that Fidelity is also on board.

2) Shallowpockets discovers paying for things in Spain may be better via credit card than ATM withdrawal. Other responders bring up other nations.

Editor’s note: I’d pay those crazy ATM fees if it meant I could eat Peruvian food! #NotVegan

3) Arengaarajsug88 asks and receives advice about leather dress shoes.

4) Should an eye surgeon keep a 5-year-old Tesla? Hear that people? That means you can go out and buy a used Tesla!

5) Adam61 asks if solar power systems can be financially worth it, and the responses are unique.

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8 thoughts on “The financial website that will save you millions of dollars”

  1. Hi BC :-).Interesting read on personal solar systems. Any thoughts about big commercial solar farms? There is a company that wants to put in a MASSIVE farm on either side of the Genesee in Caledonia and Rush. Best wishes :-).

    1. I am all for green energy. Off setting our carbon footprint is a huge part of why I tend towards plant based these days…

  2. Bogleheads was officially the first site I visited when I decided to do a financial makeover after by divorce.

    Very friendly and intelligent community and pretty much a great go to source for every question financially you may have

  3. I live in FL, I looked at solar. It has a 20+ year break even and by then I’ll be 87 and likely dead. I looked at the Tesla article. I would have had to join to comment, but the entire point was missed. Tesla looses money every friggin year. Eventually it will go out of business. The competition (VW FORD BMW) is about to come online which will drive DOWN S resale prices, way down by simple supply and demand. The batteries have a 10 year longevity and essentially when the battery dies the car is junk. Sell now while you can and the car still has some value and a few years of battery left. I’m not at all sold on electric cars. Too much hassle and when I priced recharging while traveling it cost about as much as gas to buy some electricity. When I retired I bought a Honda Accord as my retirement car. When it hits 60K miles I’ll sell it and buy another one. At 60K miles you can still get used car financing. At 100K you can not. After the used car financing limit is exceeded, the value of a used car plummets. Also we are looking at a market crash so all those S buyers may decide to pull in their horns and the resale market goes away.

    HNY BC!!

    1. Hey Gasem! HNY to you also. Or “Hogmanay” as we learned their New Year festival is called in Edinburgh. 🙂 I don’t know the specifics of Tesla batteries, but if they’re anything like Toyota Prius batteries, then you can pull out the individual solenoids (usually three to a battery) to replace/recycle them when they start to go. So it’s a lot more cost effective than the whole car being scrapped. I didn’t know that about the used car financing though. That’s good to know.

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